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About Mental Health Conditions:

Mental health conditions are widely described as an invisible burden on the global front. Of note, 450 million people suffer from one or more types of mental health conditions.(1)


  • Mental health conditions surpass both cardiovascular disease and cancer as a global disease burden.(2)
  • Depression will be the second leading cause of disease burden in middle-income countries and the third leading in low-income countries by 2030.(2)
  • Bipolar disorder spectrum has a worldwide prevalence of 2.4%.(3)
  • Schizophrenia affect over 21 million people, globally, who are twice more likely to have an early death.(4)
  • More than 800,000 people die from an attempted suicide.(5)

The Unsolved Problem:

The global burden of mental health conditions has been underestimated. Previous statistics suggested that these conditions account for 21.2% of years lived with disability, however new estimations have reported a much higher burden at 32.4%.(6)  In Nigeria, mental health conditions account for 20%–30% among an estimated population of 200 million.(7) This burden is further perpetuated due to the stigma attached to mental health that is often wrongly regarded as a result of supernatural causes within the country. Studies have shown that patients tend to seek out traditional healers, which can delay formal diagnoses and treatment of mental health conditions.(8.9.10) One study found that only 9.3% of patients with psychiatric conditions used general medical service as first contact, and even lower at 4.5% used specialized psychiatric service in Nigeria.(11) The prevalence of stigmatization, neglect and varied availability of mental health services has also been documented by the World Health Organization (WHO) and lay media.(12,13) 


The quality of life of every person is comprised of two parts: psychological well-being and physiological well-being. Mental health conditions can have a detrimental impact on the quality of life of the affected individuals and even their families. They are among the leading causes of disability worldwide, and are associated with high rates of unemployment at 90%, according to WHO.(13) Work and purpose are considered therapeutic and essential for both the psychological survival and physiological well being of human beings in contemporary societies. Recognizing the importance of work, our Founder and Psychiatrist, Dr. Ijeoma N. Nnamani, has consistently advocated for work as a fundamental human right of people with visible and/or invisible disabilities.  Driven by this belief, Dr. Nnamani created The Chisovn Vocational Rehabilitation Center.
The goals of Chisovn Vocational Rehabilitation Center are to raise awareness of mental health conditions to contribute to efforts to reduce their stigmatization and neglect, and to increase access of care through outreach with community leaders, healthcare providers, and hospitals. In addition, the Center will help individuals with disabilities, gain or regain their independence through meaningful activity, employment, and reintegration into society.
With construction currently underway, the Center is being built to be an oasis, and facility with a friendly residential feel. It will be homey and serene, with the addition of handicap accessibility, full scale gym, vocational training sections, well equipped living quarters, and access to day clients. Click here to follow our construction progress
The key elements of Chisovn’s services will include community outreach, comprehensive, and individualized processes that blend clients choice, passion, and transferrable skills- whether that be information technology training, creative arts, or art courses. Starting off with vocational assessment and evaluation, the Center strives to provide clients with an ability to attain general skills enhancements, with the end goal of helping our clients achieve outcomes of functional independence and gainful employment.

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